Experience in all Maryland Felonies and Misdemeanors

Michelle has been a successful criminal attorney in Maryland for 25 years. As a criminal defense lawyer, Michelle is one of the best criminal defense attorneys and one of the best in criminal defense law. The experience Michelle brings comes from both sides of the table. As a prior elected State’s Attorney, Michelle knows not just some of the prosecution side, but all of it, and at the highest level. Having been the top law enforcement official in Dorchester County, Michelle brings enormous knowledge to your case. Knowing how the prosecution approaches cases and how the actual elected State’s Attorneys come together and process their policies means Michelle can represent you in the best way for your case. She has spent an entire career in court in front of judges and juries all over the State of Maryland.

You are looking for a successful resolution to your case when you are on the ropes with a criminal investigation or charge. You need the heavyweight experience of Michelle Barnes to know what the best approach is and to have someone in your corner who knows when kid gloves are best for you or when aggressive punches must be thrown in a case. Michelle’s experience brings respect and an ability to know how to best handle your case and get the results that are appropriate for your situation. Her experience and success assures you that she will go the distance for you with force, strength and knowledge.

Successful criminal defense requires full preparation and understanding of all the evidence, and background information that is important to your case and knowing how the prosecution approaches cases. Michelle has the respect and reputation that prosecutors will consider. Michelle knows how important full preparation is to a case and limits the number of cases she takes to ensure that the office can fully and extensively prepare each and every case they handle.

If you are under investigation by a state agency such as the police, social services, juvenile services or other government entity, it is vital to have the representation of an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney immediately. The sooner you contact Michelle, the better her office can serve your interests and help find the best resolution for your situation. Contact Michelle promptly for your best results.

Juvenile Court

Michelle Barnes has the extensive experience with Juvenile Court matters that you need in your corner. Michelle spent over 10 years as a defense attorney handling significant Juvenile Court dockets every month. In addition, while she was the Elected State’s Attorney, Michelle oversaw and handled the entire Juvenile Court docket. She worked closely with the Department of Juvenile Services(DJS) agents and was a founding partner in bringing a teen drug court to Dorchester County. She knows all the details specific to juvenile cases has the knowledge and unmatched experience to help you and your child in this significant time.

Juvenile Court is not at all the same as traditional criminal court in Maryland, and you need to have someone fight for you that understands this practice area. The aim and purpose of the juvenile system is not focused on punishment, as it is in the adult system. The goal of the juvenile justice system is to focus on rehabilitation and treatment which will deter future involvement in the juvenile or criminal systems. Juvenile Court is a non-jury court system and your child’s matter will be decided by a Juvenile Master or a Judge.

The Juvenile Court system has jurisdiction over children under the age of 18. However, once in the system, the courts can retain jurisdiction in a case until the age of 21.

Juveniles have the right to an attorney at all stages of interaction – whether that is when they are being questioned by the police, or when the matter is being initially addressed by the Department of Juvenile Services.

Some offenses that start in Juvenile Court may be matters that the State will be asking to be transferred into the Adult Criminal Court. This transfer of jurisdiction from the juvenile system into the Adult Criminal System can occur as young as 14 for certain serious offenses. If your child’s case is transferred into the adult system, the result can be a permanent criminal record and incarceration in adult jails and penitentiaries.  The sooner you call Michelle, the sooner she can work with all parties to get the most acceptable and appropriate outcome.

These are crucial determinations and the decisions made by the agencies and courts along the way can have dramatic and life-changing affect on your child. This is why it is so crucial that you contact a knowledgeable attorney as early as possible in the process. Michelle can be on your child’s side from the start, and that is imperative to trying to find the best outcome possible.