Family Law Issues

Michelle is here to help guide you through the major and traumatic process of ending a marriage, with hands on and personal attention to you and your goals. Michelle will listen to you and make sure your rights are protected. You will get the time, attention and compassion you deserve at this difficult time.

It is vital that you get legal counsel as soon as possible in the process. Even if you are optimistic that the separation and divorce and child custody issues will be amicable, having an attorney who helps you ensure that you don’t agree to conditions that may be a future concern if the process later becomes more unfriendly. How the matter is handled at the beginning of the process is vitally important to the goal of long-term agreements that are in your future best interest.

There are strict timelines the court can set for discovery and case preparation. You may be held to those timelines no matter when you get an attorney. Not having an attorney in the beginning stages of the process may limit the information you obtain, and ultimately affect the outcome of your case in crucial ways.

Divorce and child related matters affect the most important areas of your life:  your children, your property, and your financial security. Michelle is an attorney with the courtroom, litigation and negotiation skill to navigate these crucial areas both inside and outside of court with the strength you need.

Families come in all kinds of configurations these days. We can help you in a full range of issues affecting your non-traditional family.

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Recent Successful Cases

  • 2018:  Successfully defended against a protective order filed against client, and the outcome allowed client to get custody of her child back in Dorchester County

  • 2018:  After a full trial, we were able to get a father custody of his two young girls in Somerset Count

  • 2017:  Obtained full third party custody of child for grandmother in Dorchester County.

  • 2016:  Obtained custody of a mother’s three children from third parties following full trials in Caroline County.