No matter what the case, if you are involved in civil matter, Michelle Barnes has the skillful courtroom and trial experience to represent you aggressively and vigorously. Whether your matter is small or large, Michelle will be on your side, whether you are pursuing or defending litigation.

Michelle’s vast trial experience and wide ranging issues in her practice allows her to provide top level representation for a wide variety of clients, whether you are an individual, business, or organization.

Maryland civil litigation involves a wide range of procedures in which a court decides legal disagreements which do not involve criminal offenses. Either public or private parties can be engaged in civil litigation. Depending on the size and type of complaint, civil litigation may be filed in District Court or Circuit Court. Get the help you need by contacting Michelle as soon as possible.

Common Areas Include:

  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Small Claims
  • Judgement Recovery
  • Personal Injury
  • Car Accidents

Put the Heavyweight In Your Corner today!

Recent Successful Cases

  • 2018:   Successfully defended client being sued for thousands of dollars in Dorchester County.
  • 2017:  Won case for elderly client who was being sued for thousands of dollars in Dorchester County.
  • 2016:  Obtained thousands of dollars in judgment for small business owner in Dorchester County.